Used Cars Mansfield TX – At A Glance

Most people in India are confused about whether they should buy a petrol or diesel car. Petrol cars are low maintenance ones and cost lesser than diesel cars (by almost Rs 1 lakh or so). However, diesel cars offer better mileage and the price of diesel is lesser than petrol considerably (the difference in prices between the two is almost Rs 20 per litre). Given the fact that the mileage of diesel cars is better than that of petrol operated cars, more people would be inclined to opt for them. However, you must look for the entire truth before taking the plunge.

Rather than looking at the price and mileage difference only on absolute terms, you need to consider the relative values. Factors such as the numbers of kilometres you would be driving in a day, the frequency with which you will take your car out on the road (a lot of people buy a car only to be taken out on weekends or when someone is going outstation and needs to be seen off at the railway station or airport). Based on that, you may observe that a petrol operated car turns out to be more economical. After all, you would be spending Rs 1 lakhs or so more on the used car than you would normally. Even in the used car market, the price difference is upheld. Get more info on Used Cars Mansfield TX.

Limited diesel models

Most cars do not come with diesel models. Affordable hatchback cars such as Hyundai Eon, Maruti Alto 800, Maruti Wagon R and the Hyundai i10 come with petrol, CNG, LPG or even Duo model. Diesel cars are available among premium hatchbacks such as Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i20. Recently there were talks about Maruti launching a diesel version of the Wagon R. Even among sedans, diesel models were launched only recently. The Honda City was launched with a diesel model only recently. Premium lines of cars which are being launched now have a diesel version.

Therefore if you are looking for an affordable car like Maruti Alto 800 or Hyundai Eon you can rule out buying a diesel model. If you are concerned about mileage, you could go for a CNG or LPG model.

High Corrosion of engine in Diesel Models

Diesel cars usually have combustion engines which have high compression ratios. The ratios are kept high so that the fuel can be ignited by simply igniting the car. Petrol models usually have a spark plug which helps to begin combustion of the fuel. The higher compression ratios indicate that the corrosion on the engine and different parts would be more and you will have to spend more money on getting the car repaired.